At RAC Refrigeration we feel it is important that our customers need to be informed as to to reasons, causes and effects of system related issues which can damage their compressor. Compressors are not only expensive for the owner and contractor but can damage the contractors reputation and ultimately reflect poorly on the compressor manufacturer, rebuilder or parts supplier.
It is essential that both the contractor and compressor owner are well informed as to why the compressor failed. Symptoms may not always be evident immediately or can happen on start-up. It is not common for a compressor to fail due to faulty materials or workmanship but rather from issues on the refrigeration system itself.

Refrigeration is not all about sticking in a compressor turning it on, it is a complex system which relies on all components being matched correctly, electric, controls and safety’s set, condensers and evaps cleaned, pressures checked, monitored, etc. If one component or setting is incorrect then the whole system will operate out of sync, the part that suffers is the compressor and then your wallet.

In this section we will be adding links, videos and downloads to assist and educate our customers.
We hope this information will help prevent the loss of a warranty and instill confidence within our industry.

Why Compressors Fail (Courtesy of Danfoss) PDF Downloads
Part 1: Floodback
Part 2: Flooded starts
Part 3: Liquid slugging
Part 4: Overheating
Part 5: Lack of lubrication
Part 6: No overloads
Part 7: Changing electrics